Professional Poker Tools – Table Scanners

If everyone played perfect poker, eventually everyone would go broke and the game would be over. In this scenario the house is the only winner. If you are the tenth best poker player in the world you should do pretty well for yourself. But what if the other nine players at your table were ranked one through nine? Now you are the worst player at your table and no one wants to play with you. It is time to use professional poker tools to improve your game. Table Scanners is a software program that is not perfect, but it is pretty close. It will find a lot of statistical value and give you the hottest poker hands and positions. Sit and Go Shark is probably the best poker room software available. They have an edge in that you can get a lock on a table and see if you missed anything. This can be very helpful in letting you know if you missed out on a good play.

You can also use your poker hand calculators to give you advices on how you should play your hand. I have had times where the calculator played me for some money, but it is really good advice. You don’t want to go crazy with a hand like 53, but still play for smaller pots to build up your chip stack. One thing about Sit and Go Shark is that it is a real time player indicator. It is not totally accurate, because it is the online poker room you are playing on, but it will give you close indicators sometimes. One thing I do not like about Sit and Go Shark is that it cycles your table automatically when you fold, but it is very quick and it makes your table selection pretty quick.

All in all, these poker tools are very good and will probably improve your game

New players will probably take the most advantage of them. At the intermediate level you will want to use a poker calculator or a good poker book to help you improve your game. At the higher levels where you play against some of the best poker players in the world, you will need to use more than just your common sense; you will need some poker tips to help you improve your game. There are many books available and online, but I recommend you start with David Sky’s latest book; “The supplemented cash flow management system”. I cannot stress enough how strong this book is; it is simply the best poker book on the market on super strong money management. Once you master these money management systems, you will rarely be able to lose your shirt again.

Poker is a game of skill and a game of confidence. If you have read enough poker books and practiced on a poker hand simulator, you will eventually be comfortable enough with your game to risk some money at a casino. Just play with common sense and minimize your exposure.