Win at Texas Holdem – The Secret of Easy Scores

In cash games, an ace is the greatest card in the deck, it’s the ultimate trap card. An ace can be an ace, it can be a king, it can be a queen, it can be a jack, it can be a ten, but for the sake of this article we’ll stick with the basics. A-7, the easiest hand to play and cinossible wonder many players board. Some people call a 7-3 their ace, this is stupid and stops the flow of the hand early if you make a mistake. I call it the Wheel, it can be Mentor perhaps, or just the 7-3, (my personal favorite hand) it’s just something I call the Wheel, (because it sounds like WheelHelp or something from the Borg Wars) the best hand on the table when all others have failed.

Playing aces in middle position is pretty simple. deposit 20 bonus 30 slot If you have a face card or a king, or a queen or a jack, or an ace, you’re in great shape, this is the part of the wheel where the percentages and the mathematics of the game show their face. If you are in early position and you have no chance of getting a straight or a flush, drop your hand here. In late position you can come back with a 3-bet or a call if you feel you have the best hand, but not a surefire way to get ahead.

In middle position, you again need premium hands to raise, but you want to make sure you only raise with hand you intend to play and see the flop with. 3-betting or checking with hands like 5-6 to see the flop neither works in late position, (unless you know the raiser to be weak or you know you can bully the pot.) and will not work in early position, where you want to come out firing with hands like A-K, A-Q, anywhere. In early position you can call with lower quality hands with a weaker kicker if you have implied odds, but if you are called, you are folding your hand to an aggressive player.

In late position, you can come back with a 3-bet or a call, but not both, with the benefit of being able to steal the blinds with late position hands from the cutoff or the button if no one else has raised in front of you, which is why you want the blinds to be stealers/mincers as well.

Tips on playing aggressively in Razz:

Play only AA and KK-QQQ from early position

Play only AA and KK-JQ from middle position

Play only A-K and A-Q from the cut off or the button

Play only A-x from the blinds

Hands to hide may be J-10, Q-10, K-J, A-J, lower pairs and suited connectors lower than 7-8.

You want at least bottom pair to start slow to maximize your raises.

You can 3 bet people off their hand, but play hands that play better than yours and hit hard, like 84 and up.

You want your raises to be big enough to push out people from the blinds and also hit people in the blinds as well, to steal the blinds. So you want people to be scared of you.

phans are weak and so are deuces.

Don’t play small connectors.

Play big cards like 1010, JJ, Q-Js, K-Js, not the little invites that play and draw well.

Don’t play the top 2 ranks of hands, only call with good hands.

The ships are Mad ad Odds. Play only when you have a premium hand.

Set your chip stack after the flop or you are bound to fish or lose constantly.

Don’t play 6 or 7 cards, only play the highest cards, exception, may call set when you have ace or king.

Play an Ace or King for set.

The odds are the most important key to successful poker play. When playing an Ace or King in the right situation, have the discipline to protect them.

The most important hands to watch are king-high and ace-high. Remember you are looking to flop a set. When you have these hands, you are sure of one thing, your opponent has the king or ace, and you must protect your hand. Protect your hand against possible sets. Bet out with these hands. In the right situation, your hand could be as good as set. But, you must be disciplined to get away with it. In the case of flop, if you make a large raise and your opponents don’t fold, they will have the good fortune of seeing the flop, and may hit a set.