You Can Learn How to Play Ace-King in Just 5 Steps

Do you know the rules of How to Play Ace-King? Do you know what move to make with Ace-King? It’s easy! Go to our website and you can find the answers to these questions and more, plus you can learn How to Play Ace-King in minute amounts from some of the best players in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you have been playing poker for decades or are just getting started, I know that you, like me, will love our Ace-King video poker strategy. slot138 daftar It combines the simplicity of razz with the sophisticated bravado ofChuck-A-Luck. With Ace-King, you are holding 2 King cards – which mean you have a total of 8 potential combinations. The idea is that you have to make a hand that has a minimum of Ace-high and a maximum of Ace-low.

How To Play Ace-King

Now, granted you know that Ace-King is a good hand to hold, but did you know how to play it? Let’s break the rules down so you can see exactly how the strategy works.

  1. Ace-King pre-flop

If you have A-2-3-4-5, you only have a total of 4 Kings and you must have at least one ‘tip’ card.

  1. Ace-King post-flop

If you have A-2-3-4-5, you have a total of 6 Kings. Because you have a total of 6 cards, you will not have a hand (a minimum) of four of each card type. If youceed, you will have a hand with at least the average card rank of your hand. For example, if your hand contains A-2-K-3-4, an Ace is included among the cards you hold, therefore you would have Ace-King. The same rules apply to the A-2-K-3-4 and the A-2-K-5-4.

  1. How to play Ace-King Suited

With Ace-King suited, you will have a hand that is strong, but not the very best. That means you have two ‘ bullish’ cards, with potentially better hands behind them. Let’s say you have 2 Aces and a King. If there are two other Kings in the deck, you have a total of 6 outs for your Ace-King hand, which is not very good. With Ace-King unsuited, you do not have nearly as many outs. In fact, you only have one, unless you count the Kings that don’t have an Ace. Oh, by the way, you would lose your hand 10-5 if you did not have an Ace for the low.

That means if you are playing more than one Ace-King in a given situation, you need to make two of the Kings a minimum (inge additional Kings). This significantly increases your chances of winning the hand.

  1. How to play Ace-King unsuited

Let’s say you have 3 Aces and a King. Not a lot of room because you have three live cards. You figure you can get away with an Ace-King unsuited as there may not be many opponents in the flop.


If there are two or more players in the flop, you have a horrible situation. Even if you make an Ace-high flush, there will be someone with a higher flush draw. Or, an Ace will pair the low. If there are multiple straights, two pairs, or top/pair on the flop, you have a horrible situation. And, if the table checks, you have a horrible bluff situation.

  1. How to play Ace-King suited

With Ace-King suited, you have a strong hand. With Ace-King, you are almost certainly going to have the best hand. You need to know how to play Ace-King in a preflop situation.

In the preflop, you want to again make your move based on your strength of hand. Look for straights and flushes. If you have something like 6-7-8-9, you can play the flush. If you have T7, and the flop is Qh-8h-2h, you have a strong probably hand, unless someone has the blackjack. With the full house, you are not in bad shape if someone has the blackjack.

In the turn, since you made a preflop move with a strong hand, you want to again make a move with the best hand. You want toland either a pair of Kings or a King with a very high kicker. I suggest a re-raise if someone makes a small bet.