How to Know Poker Playoffs History

Poker is one of those Card games that have been played for years. In the last 10 to 15 years nobody plays anymore, because everybody knows everything about poker. But everybody wants to play again.

During that time there were only a few Poker Tournaments. They were like “Scientists” and only basis for many decisions. When some of the poker players started to play more and more Poker, people started to understand the game differently. And here we can write some history about Poker Playoffs History.

In the beginning of the poker game the only difference was that there were no such tournaments as SNG, MTT and AT. The famous SNG was the creation of the world famous PokerStars. This tournament is the first step to the “starc prize” which was the old “Dewalive“. But soon the organizers changed and instead of SNG, they started to use the term “multi table” to describe multiple tables on one table. This term is still in use today and so far it is the most widespread term.

After a few years the game has gone through another face revolution and while the old style of playing still exist, there are new ways of playing. If we look at the history of first online poker, we will see that from the late 1995, the game has been extremely popular during the dot com bust and at the same time Texas Hold’em was one of the most talked about topic.

The reason is easy: every one loves poker and if you are a intellectual, you love to read about poker.Then the dot com bust happened and the number of Online Poker rooms more than tripled.

The Texas Hold’em all started to spread from its creation in the 1960. The allure of knowing all the dirty tricks of the “smart money” and how to profit from them convinced the younger generation that they too could earn rich by just sitting in front of the computer.

During the last decade the allure of Online Poker has grown extremely. Today, under the popular influence, many players want to know the secrets of the professionals and how to improve their game.

The first response from the professionals would be that online poker is the same as offline poker. The rules, the same in principle. And it is. While the offline poker is a game of luck, the online poker has an element of chance, a game of probabilities.

The professionals know that probability is the relations between two actions (or the chances of each action). In other words, the chances of a bluff getting called are 1 / 2 or 20% (in the limit Texas Hold’em). This knowledge gave the professional a certain edge over the players and exposed the underbelly of the game, blackjack.

As an example, if the casino has a 5% edge, then if you have a chance of bluffing once in 200 rolls, you should expect a call over 99 of those 200 rolls. The people who know this edge play successfully and win. professionals often say that their main profit comes from the mistakes of other players, not from their own play.

So what is the theory now? Many theories have been written, but the bottom line is simply this: to win at online poker, you have to be a good player (or have an edge). You can’t rely on luck. To win at poker, you play only the best starting hands, you don’t play bluff, you don’t make bad calls and you don’t lose overall. Don’t expect to win at online poker to match what you see on television. It’s not possible. But if you are a serious player, who gives a hoot about the money, then you can achieve success, and not just some small victory, but the big one, the big score.