Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is a exciting new feature that you may discover this year at your Internet casino. Live dealer gaming is slowly replacing real life interaction with computer graphics. Even though it’s been around for years, the live dealer element brings a whole new element to the game that was never present before. The dealer spins the wheel, so to speak, as though he were playing the game in real life. You actually get to see his eyes as they roll over the numbers. You can also see the cards being dealt out and even the facial expressions of the dealer himself. Because of this, you get a whole new level of interaction with your Internet casino that was not present before.

The good thing about live dealer blackjack is that you never have to leave the comfort of your chair. It’s simply another benefit of playing in an online casino. You may choose to sit out of a hand, take a break, or even play two or three tables at a time, whenever you feel like it.

The element of human interaction is lost when you play in an online casino, but live dealer blackjack is still here. It provides a human element and a human face to the game, and when you’re ready to walk away, you can always return to a human dealer and have another experience with the game you love.

Online casinos are able to provide live dealer blackjack because of software technology, which lets an online casino maintain a live dealer whose role is to deal hands between the online casino and players. The technology is able to allow two live dealers to be visible at one time. Casinos may also add other cameras to enhance the illusion of a human dealer.

You won’t find sunglasses and a hard hat dictating how old you are when you play live dealer blackjack online, as the technology is far more sophisticated than those things. You simply enter the online casino and the dealer will already know what type of face you are and deal the cards for you. The deck will be shuffled after every hand, so while you’re playing, you’re sure never to miss a hand.

The cards will be dealt from a boot, which is usually kept outside the Bolagila. The dealer is actually dressed in a suit and derby hat to identities his branding. You can play at one of the many live dealer casinos nowadays despite wearing a suit and having a hat on it, since the deck is shuffled after every hand. At one such casino, cards are dealt from a boot which is marked with a ‘Dealer’, though you will notice the name on the hat.

On a closer look at live dealer blackjack, you will find that the deck is shuffled by a master card shark and that while the cards are being shuffled, the players are actually betting in the form of ‘eno’. You may be wondering what cards ‘E0’ through to ‘N0’ are.